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Gladius James – Rich Ft Wiz Khalifa


Gladius James Rich  - Gladius James – Rich Ft Wiz Khalifa

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As we wait for Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers II to arrive on July 13, the rapper is not slowing down at all as he continues to perform guest verses from time to time. Singer Gladius James is beginning to make some waves in the R&B world with his impressive vocals and harmonies, calling on Wiz Khalifa to gain him some outside exposure. Gladius and Wiz perform their separate verses and, at times, sing interchangeably on the track.

The song is different than anything we’ve become used to from Wiz as he still raps his unique style over a mellow, percussion-driven instrumental. The pair croon about their love for somebody in particular, feeling “rich” when they’re spending time with them. If this is your introduction to Gladius James, check out his other singles on your favorite streaming service and let us know how you feel about “Rich.”





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